Saved: One Acre at Parker's Cross Roads Battlefield
Transferred to the State of Tennessee for incorporation into the battlefield park, this hallowed ground is sure to have a bright future beyond its recent restoration.
Save 42 Historic Acres at Chancellorsville Battlefield
We thought reinforcements would arrive at Jackson's Flank Attack in Chancellorsville. They haven’t. As a result, 42 battlefield acres are now at URGENT risk!
Phase Three of Gaines’ Mill-Cold Harbor Saved Forever Campaign
Help us to save 45 acres we’re calling “The Juncture at Griffin’s Woods” plus 12 more acres associated with the battles of Glendale, First Deep Bottom, and Malvern Hill.
War Comes to the Tar Heel State
From the slopes of the Blue Ridge to the shores of the Atlantic, explore North Carolina's role in America's formative conflicts in the latest issue of Hallowed Ground Magazine.
Working to Save America’s Battlefields
An Unparalleled Preservation Opportunity at Gettysburg
The stars have aligned – as we have a remarkable opportunity to save land that witnessed monumental points in history, including Pickett’s Charge and two World War camps!
Educators: See You at the National Teacher Institute!
This FREE annual event brings together educators from all over the world for sessions, lectures, and tours from leading experts. Join us this July in Baltimore!
Speak Out for Battlefield Preservation
Battlefields need advocates like YOU to speak out against ill-considered developments and other threats.

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