American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibition at DAR HQ

American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibit

On Tour Now!

The award-winning website from the American Battlefield Trust and Daughters of the American Revolution is now traveling exhibit coming to a town near YOU!

The Experience

How were the lives of ordinary people affected by the events of the American Revolutionary War?

From an award-winning website to an in-demand pop-up exhibition, the American Revolution Experience, a collaborative project of the American Battlefield Trust and the Daughters of the American Revolution is beginning a new phase in its quest to connect modern audiences with the fascinating story of our nation’s origin. The American Revolution Experience will travel to scores of libraries, historical societies and museums through 2025, introducing visitors to a cast of historical characters with diverse experiences throughout the conflict and the places they visited on their journey. 

This innovative pop-up exhibition includes display panels and interactive digital kiosks that use storytelling, illustration, technology and unique artifacts and primary accounts to connect modern audiences with the people and places that shaped the birth of our nation. 

Guests at the American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibit's DAR Unvieling
Thomas Carney
American Resolution Experience Traveling Exhibit at DAR
An illustration of Tewahangaraghkan

The Online Exhibit

Where it Began

As tensions mounted across the Thirteen Colonies, the entire Revolutionary Generation was faced with a difficult choice: to pledge loyalty to the Patriot cause and the prospect of a new nation, or remain loyal to the King as subjects of the British Empire. How would you choose? 

This digital exhibition examines the lives of some of the men and women who witnessed the dawn of a new nation, and how their decision shaped the journey they faced. Launched in summer of 2022, this is the progenitor to the current traveling exhibition. Visit it here.

Explore Revolutionary People

Melissa A. Winn

The Traveling Exhibit

Now Extended to December 2025!

Due to overwhelming response, we have already received more booking requests than we can accommodate at present. If you like to be added to a wait list, please let us know by filling out the form below. 

The exhibition will travel between January 2024 and December 2025. Please check back here to see the schedule as it is released.

American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibit - On the Front Lines Panel
An illustration of Colonel Christopher Greene at the Battle of Pines Bridge
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FAQ & Resources

Frequently asked questions about the American Revolution Experience

I'm on the waitlist. What does that mean?

We have had a such a great response to host our traveling exhibition that we need to pause and schedule the requests that have come in--which are already more than the calendar will hold--before turning to the waitlist. Everyone will hear from us. 

Will the Trust be extending the time for the exhibit from June 2025 to December 2025? 

This is a very good possibility and would help us add more venues. 

What kind of lead time will we have before the display is shipped out? 

We're still working out the details and will have experience shipping the exhibit in January. Right now, we plan on giving venues about a week's notice before shipping. The dates that a venue will host the exhibit will be known far before that. 

What is the cost to host the exhibit? Does that include freight or shipping charges? 

For DAR Chapters there is no cost to host, nor is there a cost for shipping. There is an agreement to sign and a need to demonstrate proof of insurance.

Are we responsible for finding a company to ship to the next destination? 

No, we have identified a shipping company that will handle shipping to the next destination.

During our booking period, are we allowed to move between venues within our community?  

Yes, this is possible. The moves will be the responsibility of the local partner.

Will there be educational materials we can give to teachers to support their visit?

Yes, we are working on lesson plans that will be available for teachers visiting the exhibit.

What age students would it be suitable for? 

The exhibition is made with middle and high schoolers in mind, but it is appropriate for students from third grade and higher.

Can the exhibit be placed outdoors temporarily/in fair weather?

No, sorry. The exhibit must be located indoors.

What are the power requirements for the kiosks/lights?

The exhibit's lights and kiosk can run from one outlet and a power strip. Two or more outlets make set-up easier.

About how long does it take to assemble the exhibit?

It takes about two hours to set the exhibit up.

How many boxes/How heavy are they?  

There are five cases, all on wheels. The heaviest case weighs 96 pounds.

Traveling Exhibition Cases

What happens if something breaks?

Even though we hope nothing breaks, we have replacement parts. If there is major breakage, please contact us so that we may consider making an insurance claim.

General Information

  • Recommended run: four weeks.
  • Specs: 12 roll-up, graphic banners, each measuring 7’ H x 3’ W, 3 kiosks (iPads and stands), and lights.
  • Space recommended: 500 square feet, minimum.
  • Spanish language guides that replcate the exhibit's content available upon request.
  • Fee: $400, for shipping costs. No charge for DAR chapters and State Societies sponsored runs.
American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibition at DAR HQ
The American Revolution Experience exhibition at DAR in Washington, DC | October 2023
American Revolution Experience Traveling Exhibition Kiosk at DAR HQ
The "Places" kiosk in the American Revolution Experience exhibition at DAR in Washington, DC | October 2023