Medal of Honor recipient Jim McCloughan at the Stones River National Battlefield Park, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Medal of Honor recipient Jim McCloughan at the Stones River National Battlefield Park, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

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Hallowed Ground

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Filled with stunning photography, urgent news, and in-depth articles by some of America’s leading historians, award-winning magazine Hallowed Ground is a must-read publication for history enthusiasts everywhere.

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Hallowed Ground Magazine, Spring 2024

The Spring issue of Hallowed Ground takes a closer look at the topic of the Civil War and medicine. The conflict that brought this nation its bloodiest days also shaped significant advancements in the treatment of disease and injury endured by soldiers on and off the battlefield, including the physical and emotional scars veterans carry long after battle is done. Drawing parallels between past and present conflicts, this issue illuminates the timeless human experience of trauma, resilience and the profound connections that bind soldiers across generations.

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Each quarter, you’ll receive an information-filled and richly illustrated magazine delivered to your doorstep. Outstanding feature content showcases the research of outstanding historians, while news items highlight recent preservation news and achievements.  Hallowed Ground  is a nine-time honoree in the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence and has been repeatedly recognized by the international Society of Publication Designers.

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Frequently asked questions about our membership magazine

When is Hallowed Ground published?

Hallowed Ground is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Who writes the articles in Hallowed Ground?

The Trust seeks out top historians in their filed to provide our Hallowed Ground feature articles. Preservation news articles are written by Trust staff, while most Field Reports are submitted by the profiled organization itself.

Can I submit an article for publication?

Since we work closely with historians to ensure that our feature articles correspond to areas where the Trust has been actively involved in land preservation, Hallowed Ground does not publish unsolicited manuscripts of this type. You are welcome to submit story ideas for other departments in the magazine to However, due to space constraints, long lead times and other considerations, our ability to accommodate all suggestions may be limited.

I'd like more information about something I read in the magazine, where should I look?

There are always more fascinating details to every story than we could possibly fit in a given issue of Hallowed Ground. Visit to find some of these resources. If you have a specific question, please send it to Try to reference the article or page that inspired your inquiry, so that it can be passed along to the appropriate staff member or historian.

I believe I found an error in Hallowed Ground, how should I report it?

Although we work hard to keep the magazine accurate, mistakes do occasionally happen. Please let us know of any inadvertent errors by writing to

How do I dispute a historical characterization or assessment?

All of the historians featured as authors in our magazine are passionate supporters of battlefield preservation who provide their time and talents free of charge. While we provide them with overall guidance on the scope of articles and particular battlefields to be emphasized due to our preservation activities, the details of each piece are the result of their own independent research. These authors are subject matter experts, but to ensure factual accuracy, we also have feature pieces vetted by independent historians. Note, however, that the interpretation of these facts is the domain of the author, and the Trust does not impose a particular vision or philosophy on the historians who contribute so generously to our mission. We recognize that our knowledgeable members may, based on their own reading and research, have opinions that differ from our authors and are happy to pass along thoughtful comments or questions.

A local preservation group or roundtable I belong to has been very active in a project I think would interest Trust members. How do we get featured in a Field Report?

You can submit a summary of your group's activities (500 words maximum) to Unfortunately space and timing constraints will prevent us from publishing all submissions.

Can I submit or suggest a book for review in Hallowed Ground?

Given the tremendous number of Civil War books published each year, space constraints prevent us from reviewing any books in the print edition magazine. However, the Trust does maintain a section on its website with recommended reading lists and other featured books. If you would like to have a new title considered for inclusion in that collection, you may send it to the Trust's Washington office to the attention of "Book Selections."

What are the rates to advertise in Hallowed Ground?

Due to Hallowed Ground's status as benefit to Trust members we are legally forbidden from taking paid advertisements. Products and services promoted within the magazine result in a direct monetary contribution to battlefield preservation and are part of longstanding partnerships.

Why is my magazine marked "Last Issue," I just contributed toward a battlefield acquisition?

In order to be considered an active Trust member, you must regularly renew your basic membership in addition to any specific land acquisition efforts you choose to participate in. If you still feel this is in error, contact our membership center at 1-800-298-7878 to verify your record.

How do I change the address my magazine is delivered to?

Your magazine is delivered to the same address as the rest of your membership mailings. To change your address, contact our membership center at 1-800-298-7878.