Huzzah! 50+ Acres Transferred to the National Park Service
In celebration of National Public Lands Day, we're excited to announce the successful transfer of more than 50 acres to the National Park Service.
Phase Three of Gaines’ Mill-Cold Harbor Saved Forever Campaign
Join us as we work to save 45 acres we’re calling “The Juncture at Griffin’s Woods” plus 12 more acres associated with the battles of Glendale, First Deep Bottom, and Malvern Hill.
Speak Out: Gettysburg’s Day One Battlefield Threatened
Raise your voice and tell Cumberland Township Officials that Gettysburg's battlefield must be protected from development.
Star-Spangled Banner Virtual Field Trip
Explore Baltimore, Maryland and learn about some of the most iconic sites, stories, and songs associated with the War of 1812.
Help Protect 52 Threatened Acres in Virginia, Georgia and Mississippi
Join in saving this hallowed ground at three different and historic Civil War battlefields and take advantage of an amazing $10.30-to-$1 match!
Working to Save America’s Battlefields
The American Revolution Experience
Our new digital exhibition examines how the ordinary lives of 13 men and women were touched by the extraordinary events of the Revolutionary War.
Cheers to 28 Acres Saved at Cold Harbor Tavern
The American Battlefield Trust is proud to announce a long-awaited preservation victory on the 29-acre property once home to the “Old Cold Harbor Tavern” and across which two separate battles unfolded.
Speak Out for Battlefield Preservation
Battlefields need advocates like YOU to speak out against ill-considered developments and other threats.

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