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Share Your Warrior Legacy

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The Trust wants to hear the stories of our nation's veterans and active duty service members in their words, and in their voice. Will you share your Warrior Legacy? 

Today, we are asking...

How do you—as a veteran or active duty service member—relate to service members from our nation’s past?  

To share with us, please call (202) 798-4388 to leave your story as a voicemail. 

When leaving your message please state…

  • Your name 
  • State of residence 
  • Military branch 
  • And your response to the prompt above 

If you would like to include an image to accompany your story please complete the form below. This can be an image of you, of a specific service member you relate to, an image of a battlefield or place connected to your story, or whatever you feel best visually represents your account.

We thank you for sharing your experience. Your words deserve to be preserved and shared with future generations.