History in Your Classroom

Educator resources for our Facebook Live series "History in Your Classroom"

History in Your Classroom is designed to help teachers with both professional development and classroom content. Each installment will cover a different historical topic, from either the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, or the Civil War. Our video sessions are available through the Teachers Regiment Facebook page, and all of the supporting materials for each session are available for download below. Be sure to like our Teachers Regiment Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the History in Your Classroom sessions.

Jim Percoco's Tibetan Bells, used to invoke the spirit of history.
Jim Percoco's Tibetan Bells, used to invoke the spirit of history.

History in Your Classroom Lessons

You are welcome to access our History in Your Classroom lessons and PowerPoint presentations below:


"Art of the War for Independence: A Revolutionary Experience."

September 29, 2017

Art of the War for Independence PowerPoint Presentation


"Lincoln's Political Theology: Using primary sources as it relates to his Meditation on the Divine Will and his 2nd Inaugural Address." 

October 6, 2017

Lincoln's Political Theology Lecture Materials

"Broad Stripes and Bright Stars: The Chesapeake Campaign of the War of 1812 that Gave us the Star-Spangled Banner."

October 18, 2017

Broad Strips and Bright Stars PowerPoint Presentation


"Swagging Through History: 1800-1850"

February 15, 2018

Swagging Through History PowerPoint Presentation