Civil War Traveling Trunk Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans have been created by educators for classroom use while utilizing our traveling trunks.

The following optional lesson plans were designed to be used with our Civil War traveling trunks. Each of the five (5) lesson plans will take roughly one class period to cover all of the content that is included. We recommend that teachers take a moment to ensure that all of the video links are compatible with your school's internet firewall before attempting to show them to your class. We also recommend that you test the website links that we have provided and that you review all of the content before presenting it to your classroom. And check out our "How to use the Traveling Trunk" video.

Traveling Trunk Lesson Plans:

The Common Civil War Soldier

Civil War Camp Life 

The Role of Military Music & Instruments in the Civil War 

The Homefront During the Civil War 

Civil War Photography