AncestryK12 in the Classroom


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Independent student research can be a powerful tool in and out of the classroom. Independent research encourages critical thinking and problem solving. What better way to have students engage in this activity than to have them research their own lineage. 

The American Battlefield Trust is proud to partner with AncestryK12. This partnership allows educators free access to, Fold3, and All three sites can be used in concert with one another, and Teachers can utilize not only these outstanding web resources, but also associated lesson plans.

AncestryK12 have developed lesson plans which correspond with the study of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and many more time periods. The great resources will help both American history, and family history, come alive. 

The American Battlefield Trust has also developed lesson plans based on student ancestor research. Be sure to check out our entire Civil War Curriculum, which has numerous opportunities for educators to inter grate student ancestor research into your every day curriculum. 

Are you looking for ways to better utilize these resources? Be sure to check out our 2018 National Teacher Institute workshop, which will showcase the countless ways to integrate both AncestryK12 resources, and the American Battlefield Trust teacher resources, in your classroom.