Painting of Washington and Lafayette at Brandywine


Brandywine Creek

Pennsylvania  |  Sep 11, 1777

On September 11, 1777, General George Washington was determined to prevent the British from capturing the American seat of government, Philadelphia. Taking up positions along Brandywine Creek, Washington mistakenly believed that his army blocked all fords across the Brandywine.

Opposing Washington was Sir William Howe and an army of 15,500 British Regulars and Hessian troops. Hidden by heavy fog, the British moved into position. General Wilhelm von Kynphausen was ordered to demonstrate against the Americans’ front at Chadds Ford, while the bulk of Howe’s forces crossed the Brandywine further upstream.

The battle had been raging for hours by the time Howe's force appeared undetected on the Continental right flank. Washington dispatched troops under General John Sullivan and William Alexander, “Lord Stirling,” to shore up his right flank. However, despite putting up a stiff resistance, the Continentals were eventually overrun by Howe’s men.

Simultaneously, Knyphausen’s troops hit the American units that remained near the Quaker meeting house at Chadds Ford. Washington’s line collapsed.

To prevent the defeat turning into disaster Washington ordered Nathanael Greene’s division to act as a rear-guard so that the Continental Army could escape to the northeast. Greene’s brave men counterattacked, going toe-to-toe with British along the crest of Birmingham Hill. When night fell, the remaining Americans fell back in an orderly retreat, led in part by the Marquis de Lafayette. Although wounded, the charismatic young Frenchman remained on the field to ensure an organized withdrawal.

The crushing defeat allowed the British to occupy Philadelphia, but the bulk of the Continental army survived to fight another day.

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Rev War  |  Battle
Pennsylvania  |  Sep 11, 1777
Result: British Victory
Est. Casualties: 1,887
American: 1,300
British: 587
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Pennsylvania  |  Sep 20, 1777
Result: British Victory
American: 272
British: 11
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Siege of Fort Mifflin
Philadelphia, PA  |  Sep 26 - Nov 16, 1777
Result: British Victory
Est. Casualties: 370
American: 250
British: 120
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Philadelphia  |  Oct 4, 1777
Result: British Victory
Est. Casualties: 1,644
American: 1,111
British: 533
Rev War  |  Battle
Fort Mercer
New Jersey  |  Oct 22, 1777
Result: American Victory
Est. Casualties: 554
American: 40
British: 514
Rev War  |  Battle
New Jersey  |  Jun 28, 1778
Result: Inconclusive
Est. Casualties: 706
American: 325
British: 381

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