Antietam - S.G. Elliott Burial Map

The S. G. Elliott Burial Map for the Antietam Battlefield

The S.G. Elliott burial map for the Antietam battlefield was created by Simon G. Elliott in 1864. Elliott documented the burials of 5,844 soldiers—2,634 Union and 3,210 Confederate. The burials of some 269 horses and the position of 152 cannons are also noted on the map. The map was discovered by Timothy Smith and Andrew Dalton of the Adams County Historical Society, Adams County, Pennsylvania. The map is housed in the collection of the New York Public Library, and you can download a high-resolution copy of the map from their website. 

The Antietam burial map was not the only burial map created by Elliott. He also created a burial map for the  Gettysburg battlefield in 1864. That map is housed in the collection of the Library of Congress

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