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The Field Trip Fund

Apply for funding of American Battlefield Trips for your classroom

The American Battlefield Trust strongly believes that battlefields are outdoor classrooms — truly unique locations for education, commemoration, and contemplation. The American Battlefield Trust's Field Trip Fund provides funding and assistance to K-12 teachers, who are planning field trips to Civil War, War of 1812, or Revolutionary War battlefields or related historic sites.

In the 2018-2019 school year alone, we sent some 7,500 students, from 24 states and the District of Columbia to battlefields and historic sites. 

More than 32,000 students and teachers served!

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This image depicts a tour guide presenting to a group in front of a battlefield cannon.


How It Works:

1. Apply for funding by filling out a Field Trip Fund Application Form prior to your field trip. (If you have any questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page.)

2. The American Battlefield Trust will review your application and respond to your field trip proposal.

3. Go on the field trip!  Keep your receipts and take lots of photos while on the field trip! When you come back, fill out a Field Trip Reimbursement Form. Email these materials to the American Battlefield Trust. Your reimbursement will arrive shortly thereafter.

Please Note: All reimbursement checks will be made payable to the school or school district, and will not be made payable to individuals.  

Rules & Guidelines:

  • The Field Trip Fund is designed to bring K-12 classes to Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 battlefields, museums, and historic sites. 
  • The following items can be covered by the Field Trip Fund: transportation, admission fees, and reasonable presenter/guide fees.
  • The following items will NOT be covered by the Field Trip Fund: non-Civil War, Revolutionary War, or War of 1812-related trips, luxury options, overnight lodging, and souvenir purchases.
  • With our current funding and number of applications, fewer than half of the applications are approved. Approved trips can be reimbursed for as little as $250 or as much as $1,500.
  • The Field Trip Fund is designed to help offset field trip costs for school districts, it is not designed to fully fund a field trip.   
  • The Field Trip Fund will only fund a field trip for one class, per school district, per school year. 
  • Classes that received a grant in the 2018-2019 school year, may not be eligible for a grant in the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • You must apply for field trip funding at least one month prior to your trip. 
  • Only applications from current/active K-12 educators will be accepted. 
  • Only one application per school district, per year, may be submitted.
  • All trips must be pre-approved by the American Battlefield Trust to receive funding. 
  • Funding may be revoked by the American Battlefield Trust at any time for the following reason(s): post-approval trip date change, post-approval destination change(s), number of participants change, not providing receipts in a timely and efficient manner, falsified receipts, no trip receipts, excessive guide fees, class/teacher not fulfilling their required photo, press release, and thank you note requirements. 
  • The Field Trip Fund program requires you to submit at least seven (7) photos from your trip, a submission of a completed press release to your local newspaper (template will be provided), at least five (5) thank you notes from your students, and also requires the completion of an online exit survey by the applicant. Field trips will not be funded without such a commitment.  
  • All payments will be dispersed after the completion of your field trip, and the educator's submission of all of the above requirements (FTF form, press release, photos, etc.), to our office, in good order. 
  • All payments will be dispersed to the school or school district within 14-20 business days of submission to the American Battlefield Trust. 
  • All checks will be made payable to the school or schools district. In no case will payments be made to an individual educator or administrator. 
  • Check out our FAQ page for more information. 

Our decision-making process for approvals and funding are impacted by the following criteria, and others: 

  • School's financial needs. 
  • The number of students participating in a said field trip. 
  • The number of prior field trips the American Battlefield Trust has funded for your school. Classes that received a grant in the 2018-2019 school year, may not be eligible for a grant in the 2019-2020 school year. 
  • The frequency of other approved field trips to a specific battlefield, museum, and other historic site destinations. 
  • The certitude of teachers plans. 
  • Battlefield-centric experiences.
  • Field trip destination(s).
  • Planned activities while on your field trip.  
  • Availability of Field Trip Fund, funds. 
  • Check out our FAQ page for more information. 


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