Saratoga | Freeman’s Farm | Sep 19, 1777 | 1:00 - 1:30 pm

Stillwater, NY

In September of 1777, American troops were firmly ensconced in defensive positions near the Hudson River, in upstate New York. British General John Burgoyne divided his 7,500 men into three columns to probe the American defenses. On September 19th, Colonel Daniel Morgan’s American light infantry clashed with the middle column near the farm of John Freeman. It was a hotly contested fight, as the battle grew in size and intensity throughout the day. Burgoyne pressed reinforcements forward, threatening to overrun Morgan's position. Meantime, American commander Horatio Gates learned of Morgan's predicament and sent fresh troops to bolster the flagging American lines. A see-saw action occurred throughout the day, with the field changing hands several times. Near the end of the day, the British mounted a fierce attack on the American right flank. Darkness and tenacious fighting saved Morgan and his men. Ultimately, the British Army held the field, but the action had slowed their forward momentum, and they chose to dig in and await reinforcements.

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New York | September 19, 1777
Result: American Victory
Estimated Casualties