Simon Fraser

Portrait of Simon Fraser
Wikimedia Commons
TitleBrigadier General
Date of Birth - Deathc. 1729 - October 7, 1777

The younger son of Hugh Fraser of Balnain in Scotland, Simon Fraser was born in the year 1729. His military career began with the Dutch army, of whom he fought for at the Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom in 1747. By 1755, Fraser had joined the British army as a Lieutenant. With the British, he was sent to Canada for service in the French and Indian War. There, Fraser fought in the Siege of Louisbourg. He was promoted to Captain prior to the Battle of Quebec in 1759. After the French and Indian War, Fraser served in Germany, Ireland, and Gibraltar. By 1768, he had risen to Lieutenant Colonel of the 24th Regiment of Foot. Along with his regiment, Fraser was sent to Quebec in 1776 so to fend off Patriot invaders. Not long after his service at Quebec, he was promoted to Brigadier General. When John Burgoyne organized his 1777 Saratoga Campaign, Fraser was given command of the advance unit in the venture. This meant that he was responsible not only for his 24th Regiment of Foot but also the grenadier battalion, the light infantry battalion, a company of marksmen, as well as members of the Canadian militia and Native American soldiers. In the British taking of Fort Ticonderoga, Fraser commanded the vanguard and helped to dislodge retreating Americans. He saw many successes in battle, but his fatal day on the battlefield came on October 7, 1777 when he was hit with rifle fire at Second Saratoga, or the Battle of Bemis Heights.

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