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Saratoga Campaign

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With the British looking to gain control over the advantageous Hudson River Valley, the Saratoga Campaign ensued. Having pursued retreating American forces, the British faced off with the Patriots at the Battle of Fort Ann in July of 1777. With this British victory, the Patriots were pushed south to Fort Edward. By August, British General John Burgoyne was targeting Fort Stanwix. A 21-day siege of the fort was carried out. During the time of the siege, the Battle of Oriskany was fought. Despite victory, Oriskany led to substantial losses for the British. These losses made the capture of Fort Stanwix impossible and the British abandoned the siege on August 22nd. With the fort in American hands, the Mohawk River Valley was protected. Meanwhile, a British column sent to Vermont was halted by Patriot guerrilla fighters, allowing American forces at Saratoga to grow in strength and numbers. Having taken great casualties, Burgoyne was to be without reinforcements at Saratoga. Fighting at Saratoga raged from September to October with victory swaying in the balance. Finally, with the aid of reinforcements, the Americans surrounded the British army and forced them to surrender.

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