Second Manassas | Aug 29, 1862 | 4:00-6:00 pm


Believing that Jackson is attempting to escape, Union commander John Pope directs his scattered forces to converge on the Confederate position on August 29, 1862.  Throughout the day, Union forces make piecemeal attacks on Jackson’s line, positioned along an unfinished railroad, while Pope awaits a flanking movement by his subordinate, Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter. Although the Union assaults pierce Jackson’s line on several occasions, the attackers are repulsed each time. Late in the morning, Lee arrives on the field with Gen. James Longstreet's command, taking position on Jackson’s right and blocking Porter’s advance. Lee hopes to unleash Longstreet on the vulnerable Union left, but Longstreet convinces the Confederate commander to hold off.

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Result: Confederate Victory
Estimated Casualties