The Pursuit of the Rebel Army and Battle of Sailor's Creek, Va.

Historical map of the Battle of Sailor’s Creek

The Pursuit of the rebel army, April 6th-8th, 1865

Sneden, Robert Knox, 1832-1918.

[S.l., 1865]

In this detail from an unidentified printed map, Sneden depicts the area between Rice's Depot and Jetersville, Va. Named after Sailor's Creek that runs through Prince Edward, Amelia and Nottoway Counties, this engagement of the Appomattox Campaign was fought April 6, 1865. The Confederates sustained heavy losses (7-8,000) before withdrawing to Highbridge, and several generals, including Ewell, were captured.

Color coding indicates the location of Union and Confederate forces.
Relief shown by hachures.
This item is from the collections of the Virginia Historical Society
In the Robert Knox Sneden Diary (Mss5:1 Sn237:1 v. 6, p. 464).

Scale : 1:84480.

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