Fredericksburg | Latimer’s Knoll | Dec 13, 1862

Fredericksburg, Va.

A charge by the 15th New Jersey drove the 16th North Carolina, responsible for protecting Captain Joseph Latimer's artillery pieces, off the battlefield. Latimer commanded six batteries in his battalion, assigned to Gen. Richard S. Ewell’s division. Without infantry support, Latimer feared for the loss of his guns and called for help, as the other regiments in the New Jersey brigade of Colonel Alfred Torbert approached from the cover of Deep Run. Brig. Gen. Evander Law advanced his Alabama and North Carolina regiments to support Latimer. The 54th and 57th North Carolina pushed back Torbert’s attacking Yankees.

Help Restore Three Sites to Their Wartime Appearance

These crucial and necessary restoration projects at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Harpers Ferry are not only sizeable, but we are required to complete...

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