Second Fredericksburg | May 3, 1863

Fredericksburg, Va.

During the Battle of Second Fredericksburg on May 3, 1863, Gen. John Sedgwick orchestrated a strategic move to unite his forces with Gen. John Gibbon's division, crossing the river at dawn. Initially planning to attack the ends of Marye's Heights, Sedgwick faced obstacles due to a canal and a stream, redirecting his efforts towards the Confederate center manned by William Barksdale's brigade. Despite an initial defeat, a brief truce granted by Col.  Thomas Griffin of the 18th Mississippi Infantry allowed Union soldiers to scout the Confederate right flank. This led to a successful second attack by Sedgwick's forces, driving the Confederates off the ridge and capturing significant resources. The Union's advance was marked by the daring action of regiments like the 5th Wisconsin and the 6th Maine Infantry. Barksdale attempted to regroup at Lee's Hill but was ultimately forced to retreat further southward.

Save Threatened Battlefield Acres at Fredericksburg
The Opportunity We have the opportunity to save seven and a half acres of twice-hallowed ground. The tract is entirely inside the authorized boundary...

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