Fort Ticonderoga | July 2-6, 1777

Ticonderoga, NY

Land around Fort Ticonderoga has been associated with the French & Indian War and Revolutionary War —the scene of an American victory over the British in 1775, and a British victory in 1777. The 1775 victory included military leadership by two of the most famous military figures from the era: Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, at that time still loyal to the American cause. The fort remained in Patriot hands until 1777.

In that year, the Patriot commander of the fort, Arthur St. Clair, was confronted by the British army under the command of General John Burgoyne, who planned a siege to regain control of the fort. At the confluence of Lake George and Lake Champlain, the fort was well-positioned to both Canada and the Hudson Valley. Although the Americans had improved the fort's defenses, it was still vulnerable. General Burgoyne took a position on Mount Defiance, where he had a strategic advantage. St. Clair gathered his men for an escape before they could be captured and the British regained control of the fort.

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Ticonderoga, NY | July 2, 1777
Result: British Victory
Estimated Casualties