First Deep Bottom | July 28, 1864

Henrico County, Virginia

With the Siege of Petersburg stretching into its second month, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant sought to weaken the Confederate defenses by making a demonstration northward, toward Richmond.  Late on the night of July 26, 1864, and into the next morning, Gen. Winfield S. Hancock crossed the James River with the Union Second Corps and two divisions of Gen. Phil Sheridan’s cavalry.  Gen. Robert E. Lee responded by sending two divisions to meet the threat, reinforcing the Confederate lines at New Market Heights and Fussell's Mill.  On July 28, the Confederates launched a counterattack against Sheridan's men near the Darby house.  The following night, July 29, the Hancock recrossed the river leaving a garrison to hold the bridgehead at Deep Bottom.

Phase Three of Gaines’ Mill-Cold Harbor Saved Forever Campaign
Victory is nearly at hand. But we still needed to raise a huge amount: $507,299 for Phase Three. We’ve already raised just over $400,000 toward this...

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