Eutaw Springs | Sep 8, 1781 | Phases Two & Three

Eutawville, South Carolina

General Nathaniel Greene deployed his infantry in two lines, militia in front of regulars, and advanced towards the sound of guns. Hearing of the ambush, Colonel Alexander Stewart launched a disorganized counterattack.  A see-saw battle ensued.  The American lines were briefly fractured by a British bayonet charge before being restored, fractured again, and finally rallied to drive the British back into their camps.

The Americans paused to loot the camps, giving the British time enough to fortify the Wantoot brick mansion.  They refused to be dislodged, shooting several American attacks to pieces and giving their comrades time to reform in the open field. In the melee, Lt. Col. William Washington, cousin of George Washington, was unhorsed, wounded, and captured by the British. The Americans were falling back by the time darkness ended the battle. 

Both sides stayed on the field the next day, but a storm dampened their gunpowder and prevented further fighting.  Colonel Stewart withdrew and Greene's men kept up constant pressure on his rear as he returned to Charleston.

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South Carolina | September 8, 1781
Result: British Victory
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