Battle-field of Cedar Mountain, August 9th, 1862

Historical map of the Battle of Cedar Mountain

Battle-field of Cedar Mountain, August 9th, 1862 / made by H. Hawley ; [redrawn by] J.R. Hildebrand.

Hawley, H.

Roanoke Va. : J.R. Hildebrand, 1958.

"B.N. Eubank - 1949 Roanoke, Va."
"J. Gordan Thomas, Culpeper, Va. furnished markers on bat-field."
Map indicates Union and Confederate positions.
Oriented with north toward the right.
Positive blue-line print.
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Civil War Map Proj. no.: LVA00058.
Conservation: Etherington Conservation Center, May 2002.
Digital image available: 17.5 x 23 in.
Map accession no. 2915 (1969).
Previously filed as: 755.383 M6 1861-1865 1862 1958.

Library of Virginia Richmond, VA 23219-8000 USA

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