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Battle of Atlanta - July 22, 1864

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Battle of Atlanta - July 22, 1864
Battle of Atlanta - July 22, 1864

American Battlefield Trust's map of the Battle of Atlanta

Following the defeat at Peach Tree Creek, Confederate General John Bell Hood was still hoping to drive Maj. General William T. Sherman’s Yankees from the outskirts of Atlanta with an offensive blow.  On the night of July 21, 1864, Hood ordered Lt. General William J. Hardee’s corps to make 15-mile night march and assault the Union left flank, commanded by Maj. General James B. McPherson.  McPherson was suspected just such a move from his West Point classmate Hood, and held one of his corps in position, where they were ideally placed to meet Hood’s attack.  Despite initial success, Hood’s attack failed to dislodge the Federals who strengthened their foothold on the doorstep to Atlanta.

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