John Watson Tadwell-Watson

Portrait of John Watson Tadwell-Watson
War & AffiliationRevolutionary War / British
Date of Birth - Deathc. 1748 - June 11, 1826

A London native, John Watson Tadwell-Watson began his military career with the British Army in April of 1767 when he joined the Third Foot Guards. He climbed the ranks within the Third Foot and eventually rose to Lieutenant Colonel. In October of 1780 he was stationed in British-held New York but was uprooted so to reinforce General Charles Cornwallis in his ambitious Carolina campaign. Tadwell-Watson’s force served to secure the British supply lines. Finding patriot leader Francis Marion to be a threat, he left Fort Watson on March 5, 1781 to lead a force of 500 in search of Marion. While Tadwell-Watson was ambitious, Marion tactfully used guerilla techniques to block the British advance and thus drove Tadwell-Watson and his force into the British base at Georgetown. With the British kept at bay, Marion combined forces with "Light Horse Harry" Lee and captured Fort Watson. Meanwhile Tadwell-Watson’s force dwindled – from battle losses to sickness to detached forces sent to strengthen the Georgetown garrison. However, his services were called upon and he rejoined Lord Rawdon at Camden in May of 1781. In 1783 he was promoted to Colonel and was elevated to General in April of 1808.

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