Jackson's Flank Attack happened here at Chancellorsville Battlefield in Spotsylvania Courthouse, Va.

Jackson's Flank Attack happened here at Chancellorsville Battlefield in Spotsylvania Courthouse, Va.

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Help Restore Six Sacred Battlefield Sites

The Opportunity

At Gettysburg, at Chancellorsville, at Seven Pines, and two other hallowed battlefields of the Civil War, vacant buildings now stand on the lands where men fought and died. Most of them are eyesores, and none of them belong where history like this unfolded.

If we can raise $213,800 for these restoration projects in the next 30 days, we will be able to tear down six non-historic structures built long after the battles were over. If we can get 4,000 members to make a gift of $53.45, we’ll reach our goal. And if you’re able to give $75 or $100 or more, we’ll raise the money we need even faster.

Please support our newest restoration efforts at Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, and Seven Pines with your best gift now.

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The Restoration Sites

Gettysburg – Tract 1

This structure sits on an important Union position during the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 1 and 2, 1863, tens of thousands of Union troops, along with cannons and material of war, marched to the battlefield along the western edge of the property. On July 2, Union cannons were positioned just west and sent screaming shells flying over the land to support Union forces on nearby Culp’s Hill.

The current structure is not historic, it mars the sacred landscape, and with your help it will soon be gone.

Estimated cost: $44,800

Gettysburg | Culp's Hill | July 2, 1863
Gettysburg | Culp's Hill | July 2, 1863 American Battlefield Trust

Gettysburg – Tract 2

This property figured prominently in the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The Gettysburg National Military Park owns most of East Cemetery Hill, but the land on which this structure sits was long a missing piece. The land above it to the east, called McKnight’s Hill or Stevens’ Knoll, was actually among the first tracts preserved at Gettysburg, less than one year after the battle.

Now, we can finally restore the integrity of this key section of the battlefield!

Estimated cost: $34,000


This tract is in the heart of the famous Flank Attack area of Chancellorsville.

This tract is in the heart of the famous Flank Attack area of Chancellorsville.

Restoration of this key property will further secure and preserve the integrity of the land inside the park boundary in a 2.25-mile contiguous stretch of preserved battlefield land along Orange Plank Road from Wilderness Church to a point east of the Chancellorsville intersection.

Estimated cost: $30,000

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White Oak Road

This structure is in the middle of the battlefield, located at the extreme right flank of the entire Confederate line running from the eastern outskirts of Richmond into Dinwiddie County and terminating just to the northwest of the intersection of White Oak Road and Claiborne Road.

White Oak Road | Mar 31, 1865
White Oak Road | Mar 31, 1865 American Battlefield Trust

For this important restoration project, we have a deadline, and it’s coming fast.

Estimated cost: $40,000

Seven Pines

Fought over two days during the Peninsula Campaign, the Battle of Seven Pines resulted in heavy losses for both sides and ended with the wounding of Confederate commander Joseph E. Johnston. Gen. Robert E. Lee replaced Johnson as commander of the Confederate army.

House and Barn at Seven Pines

The decrepit post-war house and barn on this key property in the heart of the battlefield need to be removed to create opportunities for interpretation, and we need your help!

Estimated cost: $40,000

Globe Tavern

In the Second Battle of Weldon Railroad (or the Battle of Globe Tavern), the Union Army attempted to capture the railroad again following its failed June effort. All told over the four-day battle, the Federals suffered 4,279 casualties and had more than 2,500 men taken prisoner, yet they managed to destroy enough track to force the Confederates to transport their supplies 30 miles by wagon to bypass new Union lines to the south and the west.

Weldon Railroad | Aug 19, 1864 Fighting
Weldon Railroad | Aug 19, 1864 Fighting American Battlefield Trust

This property plays a very important role in the two battles for the Weldon Railroad in June and August 1864.

Estimated cost: $25,000

Help Restore 6 Battlefield Sites with One Gift

Help secure the $213,800 needed to tear down six non-historic structures and restore these battlefield sites to their wartime appearance.

These structures need to be removed so our country’s historic lands can be restored as nearly as possible to their Civil War-era condition, and so we can tell the full story of what transpired there and why they matter.

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“These modern structures shouldn’t stand atop lands consecrated by blood and valor!”
David N. Duncan, President

Help Restore History at These Sacred Grounds

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Seven Pines

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