Experience Richmond Visitor Fund FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for the Experience Richmond Visitor Fund?

The Experience Richmond Visitor Fund is designed to fund trips by millennials and young families. 

  • The Trust defines a millennial for this purpose as a person between the ages of 20 and 32 years of age. This program is designed to support travel for small groups of between 2 and 4 millennials.
  • The Trust identifies a young family for this purpose as at least one parent or guardian and one child under 16 years of age. There is no cap on the size of a young family; however, the oldest child may not exceed 15 years of age. 


Is there a deadline for applying to the Experience Richmond Visitor Fund?

The application will close at 5:00 PM on Friday, November 16, 2018.


Is there a deadline for taking my trip?

All trips must be taken by Friday, January 31, 2018, in order to qualify for reimbursement.


I want to take my niece, nephew, or another child that I am not the parent or legal guardian of. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as the participating child or children are all under 16 years of age.


Can a member of our millennial group be outside of the ages of 20 and 32?

Yes, as long as the majority of people in the group are within this age range. 


Can I apply to fund a trip that I have already taken?

No, all trips must be pre-approved by the American Battlefield Trust. 


How long will it take to receive an answer to my application?

While we intend to answer all applicants within ten (10) business days via email, circumstances may require a slower response time.


How much funding should I expect to receive from the American Battlefield Trust?

You can be reimbursed up to $450.


We are strapped for cash. Will the American Battlefield Trust provide me with funds prior to my trip?

No. All funds will be dispersed AFTER the completion of your trip and the submission of all necessary materials (entry and exit interview, exit survey, receipts, and photos.)


Will the Experience Richmond Visitor Fund pay for souvenirs, luxury items or options, or meals?



I was approved for funding but can't take the trip. Can I switch the dates of my trip or give the money to someone other than my group's representative?

No. You will need to resubmit a new application to change the date of your trip for any reason. If you are unable to go on your trip, let us know ASAP so that we can re-allocate those funds.


What will the Experience Richmond Visitor Fund reimburse for?

The Trust will reimburse money spent on lodging in or near Richmond, travel, and admission fees to historic sites up to a total of $450. Travel includes the following:

  • Tolls
  • Gas
  • Parking
  • Airfare
  • Train ticket
  • Taxi/Uber/Lyft
  • Bus
  • Rental car


What qualifies as a historic site or battlefield?

For a list of historic sites in the Richmond area, see https://www.visitrichmondva.com/things-to-do/attractions-museums/histor…

For a list of battlefields, visit the  Richmond National Battlefield Park or Petersburg National Battlefield Park websites.


Can I visit sites and places in Richmond beyond historic sites and battlefields?

Yes. You are required to visit a historic site and a battlefield, but outside of that, do what interests you!

What qualifies as the Richmond area?

The city of Richmond and surrounding four counties: Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and New Kent.


Does the Trust make my travel arrangements?

No. You must make your own travel and touring arrangements and pay out of pocket for them. Be sure to keep your receipts for submission following your trip.


How long does it take to receive my reimbursement?

All payments will be mailed the representative in 14-20 business days following submission of all required materials (entry and exit interview, exit survey, receipts, and photos) to the American Battlefield Trust.


Who will the reimbursement check be made payable to?

All checks will be made payable to the person who is denoted as the representative at the beginning of the application process. The American Battlefield Trust is not responsible for dissemination of funds beyond reimbursement to this person.


I didn't take any pictures of my trip. Will I still be reimbursed?



We went on our trip but did not visit any historic sites or battlefields. Are we still eligible for reimbursement?



How will the American Battlefield Trust decide who will be funded?

The Experience Richmond Visitor Fund is designed as a part of a larger marketing initiative designed to attract a more diverse audience to American battlefields and historic sites. As a result, applicants will be chosen in the interest of maximizing the range and diversity of experiences while also maintaining a balance between millennials and young families. 


Please Note: 

Funding may be revoked by the American Battlefield Trust at any time for the following reason(s): post-approval date change, number of participants change, not providing receipts in a timely and efficient manner, falsified receipts, no trip receipts, participant not fulfilling the pre- and post-trip interview, survey, and photograph requirements.


If your questions were not answered by any of the above questions, please contact us at marketing@battlefields.org


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