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In an effort to learn more about how visitors experience Richmond, Virginia, the American Battlefield Trust will provide funding for a limited number of young families and small groups of millennials to visit and experience Richmond—its rich history—and its Civil War battlefields. This fund is a part of a larger marketing initiative designed to attract a more diverse audience to American battlefields and historic sites.

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How it Works

  1. Apply for funding by filling out an Experience Richmond Visitor Application Form prior to planning your trip. This application will close at 5:00 PM on Friday, November 16, 2018. (If you have questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page.)
  2. The American Battlefield Trust will review the received applications on a rolling basis. If approved, you will be required to participate in a short phone or video call interview one week prior to leaving.
  3. Go on your trip! Keep your receipts and take lots of photos, as at least 12 of which will need to be turned in (rights-free) after your trip.
  4. When you come back, you must complete an exit survey and participate in a 15-20 minute exit interview (including others from your trip if possible) prior to reimbursement. Following this interview, send in your receipts and photographs via email to the American Battlefield Trust so that we can reimburse you.


Rules & Guidelines

  • The Experience Richmond Visitor Fund is designed to encourage millennial and young family visitation to historic sites as a part of a larger marketing initiative intended to attract a more diverse audience to historic sites and battlefields.
  • The Trust will reimburse only money spent on lodging, travel (including tolls, gas, parking, airfare, train ticket, or rental car) and admission fees to historical sites up to $450. The Trust must be given receipts for reimbursement.
  • All trips must include at least two days and one night in the Richmond area, including the city of Richmond and the four surrounding counties: Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and New Kent.
  • All trips must include at least two historic sites visits, one of which must be a battlefield. Outside of these requirements, do what interests you!
  • Luxury options, meals, and souvenir purchases will not be covered by the Experience Richmond Visitor Fund.
  • The Experience Richmond Visitor Fund is designed to help offset travel costs; it is not designed to fund a trip fully.
  • You must apply for funding at least two weeks prior to your trip.
  • Only applications from millennials and young families will be accepted. Please see the “Eligibility” section of this page for definitions of “millennial” and “young family” for more information.
  • All trips must be taken by January 31, 2019, to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • All trips must be pre-approved by the American Battlefield Trust to received funding. At least one traveler (and preferably more) must participate in a short phone or video call interview one week prior to leaving on the trip.
  • All applicants should receive an answer to their application within ten (10) business days via email; circumstances may require a slower response time.
  • Funding may be revoked by the American Battlefield Trust at any time for the following reason(s): post-approval date change, number of participants change, not providing receipts in a timely and efficient manner, falsified receipts, no trip receipts, participant not fulfilling the pre- and post-trip interview, exit survey, and photograph requirements.
  • The Experience Richmond Visitor Fund requires you to submit at least 12 rights-free photos of members of your group on the trip, at least 3 of which need to have been taken at a Civil War battlefield and at least 2 of which were taken at another historic site. Trips will not be reimbursed otherwise.
  • All payments will be dispersed after the completion of your trip and submission of all of the above requirements (entry and exit interviews, survey, photos, etc.) to our office, in good order.
  • The application process will require that one person be identified as the representative for the family or group. This person will be responsible for submission of all materials, and all payments will be dispersed to this person alone. The American Battlefield Trust is not responsible for dissemination of funds beyond reimbursement to this person.
  • All payments will be mailed to the representative in 14-20 business days of submission of all necessary materials to the American Battlefield Trust.
  • Check out our FAQ page for more information. 



  • What constitutes a millennial? The American Battlefield Trust identifies a millennial for this purpose as a person between the ages of 20-32 years of age. This program is designed to support travel for small groups of between 2 and 4 millennials.
  • What constitutes a young family? The American Battlefield Trust identifies a young family for this purpose as at least one parent or guardian and one child under 16 years of age. There is no cap on the size of a young family; however, the oldest child may not exceed 15 years of age.
  • While all groups are free to experience Richmond as they choose, every trip must include a visit to at least one battlefield site and at least one other historic site. There are many Civil War battlefields near Richmond. Failure to visit at least one battlefield site and historic site will result in ineligibility for reimbursement. If you need assistance finding a historic site to visit, please visit our “Tour Civil War Richmond and Petersburg in One Day” itinerary page or the “Richmond National Battlefield Park” National Park Service web page. For all of Richmond’s offerings, go to


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