Make some history this weekend.

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Saratoga National Historical Park resides in the heart of an area known for “Health, History, and Horses.” At the foothills of the Adirondacks, the Saratoga area showcases the best of all seasons.

From maple tapping to apple picking, and heritage tied to both the American Revolution and the Gilded Age, the region takes pride in its history and natural beauty. With a central train station connected to New York City, and an international airport, the New York state capital of Albany makes getting to Upstate New York easy. Whether you come to enjoy the peaceful winter or the pleasant temperatures of summer, any time of year is perfect for a visit to Saratoga.

Historic Happenings

Whether you seek homes central to the lives of two Presidents or transportation history on the Erie Canal, this day plan is built for those who want to jump into the past.     

  • Print or download your tour map.
  • You’ve got a lot to see, so start your day at Saratoga Coffee Traders, the home of Death Wish Coffee, the strongest coffee ever made!
  • Saratoga National Historical Park is a must see for anyone who appreciates American history. The 10-stop driving tour of the battlefield takes about 90 minutes, but you’ll also want to make time to explore the visitor center, the Schuler House and Victory Woods. If you’re up for it, you can also climb to the top of the Saratoga Monument! Private tours with Official Saratoga Battlefield Guides are also available.
  • Grab a delicious lunch at Revolution Café. Saratoga NHP superintendent Amy Bracewell’s sandwich of choice is "the Philip Schuyler" – roast turkey and bacon with Cajun mayo.
  • Get to know Old Kinderhook with a visit to Martin Van Buren National Historic Site or visit the cottage where Ulysses Grant spent his last days finishing his iconic memoirs.
  • If you’re still feeling martial, the New York State Military Museum – based at the historic armory building in Saratoga Springs – has more than 10,000 artifacts, including the uniform of Union martyr Colonel Elmer Ellsworth. Items cover famous New York units from the Civil War’s 69th New York of the Irish Brigade to the 369th Infantry, the Harlem Hellfighters of WWI.
  • If you have more than a day and are still hungry for museums, consider:
  • Enjoy dinner at Olde Bryan Inn, established in 1773 and still serving great food in its historic building!

Family Fun

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Enhance your historical experience with fun and family-friendly activities all weekend long!

Retail Therapy

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From boutique bakeries to clothing and cocktails, we’ve pulled together a plan for historical fun and lasting memories.

Romantic Saratoga

Doug Menuez

Spend some time with your better half in the Saratoga area — a perfect place to relax and enjoy one another.

  • Print or download your tour map.
  • In a region known for spas, enjoy some couples therapy, including cozy mineral baths and massages at a historic venue like the Roosevelt Baths at the Gideon Putnam hotel!
  • Get your blood flowing watching the ponies at the Saratoga Race Course. Even outside the racing season, you can tour this historic facility, which opened in 1863.
  • Enjoy delicious cocktails at the newly restored Adelphi Hotel.
  • Follow the melodies to Caffe Lena, a cozy concert venue.
  • Treat your sweetie to delicious steak at Salt and Char.

Before you go

We’ve got some tips and advice for prepping for a visit to Saratoga and surrounding areas, including hours, weather, accommodations, and directions -- everything you need to make your visit a comfortable and memorable one!