Make some history this weekend.

For a week or a weekend, a trip to the Richmond area means great food, shopping, and entertainment. On your next trip, add a little history with a visit to one of the area’s breathtaking battlefields.

More than monuments, they’re a chance to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends and family, and immerse yourself in history. Best of all, from almost anywhere in the area, you’re surprisingly close to a battlefield. So, it’s easy to enjoy a hike before taking in a show at The National, or just walk off Sunday brunch! To add some history to your next holiday, start with an itinerary below.

Historic Happenings

From retrospect to re-enactments, this day plan is built for those who want to jump right into history.     

Family Fun

Whether you’re into science, nature, or even roller coasters, enhance your historical experience with fun and family-friendly activities all weekend long!

Retail Therapy

Shopping and shows? Sights and nightlife? We’ve pulled together a plan for historical fun and lasting memories.

Romantic Richmond

Virginia is for lovers, so it’s no surprise that Richmond is for romance. Enjoy a getaway that mixes history, dining, and activities perfect for connecting with your better half.  

Before you go

We’ve got some tips and advice for prepping for a visit to Richmond’s historic battlefields and surrounding areas, including hours, weather, accommodations, and directions -- everything you need to make your visit a comfortable and memorable one!