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Wilson's Creek Civil War Museum


5228 South State Highway
Republic, MO 65738
United States

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The Civil War Museum at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield displays more than five thousand artifacts. The focus is of course the Battle of Wilson's Creek and the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War. The displays are arranged somewhat chronologically, from John Brown and the 1850's to the last battle involving Missouri troops at Fort Blakely, Alabama in April 1865. Highlights include three Congressional Medal of Honors, a Confederate First National flag carried by Confederate General Stand Watie, which not only has the Confederate States represented with stars but the five civilized tribes as well. The museum also exhibits the sash and sword belt of General Patrick Cleburne, the Missouri Secession journal, and has exhibits covering medicine in the Civil War as well as the role of gunboats in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

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Republic, MO