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Magnolia Springs State Park


1053 Magnolias Springs Road
Millen, GA 30442
United States

Three sites, including Magnolia Springs State Park, were chosen by the Confederacy to relieve the overflow from notorious Andersonville prison. During the Civil War, this site was named Camp Lawton. The site was chosen because of its natural springs, plentiful timber that could be used to construct the stockade, and nearness to the railroad, facilitating easier prisoner transport. Camp Lawton was almost twice the size of Andersonville, and was designed to hold 40, 000 prisoners, four times the capacity of Andersonville. Sherman's March to the Sea forced its evacuation after only six weeks. In that short time span, more than 500 prisoners died at Camp Lawton. The earthwork fort that guarded the prison stands overlooking the present day park grounds. The earthworks that remain are some of the best remaining examples of Civil War era earthworks.