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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

306 Congress St
Boston, MA 02210
United States

On a December night in 1773, members of the Sons of Liberty donned Mohawk Indian disguises to dispense three Boston-berthed ships of their precious cargo of tea. Today, visitors to the historic city may view costumed figures stalking the same body of water. However, these actors are there to educate rather than protest, guiding guests through the immersive experience of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. 

A young visitor tosses tea overboard at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.
A young visitor tosses tea overboard at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Michael Blanchard

Reopened in 2012, the museum thrusts visitors directly into the Boston Tea Party. Provided with the role of a historic participant, guests hear Samuel Adams deliver a fiery condemnation of the tea tax and can hurl crates off authentic replicas of the brig Beaver and trader Eleanor. For artifacts, the museum possesses the Robinson Tea Chest, the only known remaining chest from the event, and a vial of tea collected from the harbor in 1773. 

Technology and participation assist the museum’s efforts to plunge guests into this dramatic event. Holographs present the differing Patriot and Tory perspectives, while talking portraits allow King George III and Samuel Adams to engage in enthusiastic debate. Meanwhile, Abigail’s Tea Room is open to those who prefer to taste their history, as patrons can sample the five blends thrown overboard that historic night.

Tea Party Reenactment at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum at Griffin’s Wharf
Every year on December 16th, history enthusiasts reenact the Boston Tea Party of 1773 at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum at Griffin’s Wharf.  Michael Blanchard

For the 250th commemoration of the Tea Party, the museum hosts a slew of special events and programs, including a genealogical project, a grave marker initiative and a large-scale reenactment on December 16, to augment its typical hour-long tours. Whether fascinated by the Revolution or looking to drink up some of Boston’s rich history, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an essential stop.