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Newest Batch of Acclaimed Untold History Series Recounts the Ins and Outs of the War of 1812

In partnership with the Driving Force Institute, the newest batch of the Untold History video series details the Second War of Independence

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(Washington, D.C.) — The American Battlefield Trust continues to expand its award-winning series How We Became America: The Untold History, with the latest batch of videos delving into the leaders and significant moments of the War of 1812, which is often called the “Second War of Independence.” At three minutes or less in length, the videos mix dynamic illustrations and historic images into vibrant videos that highlight history that isn’t found in our textbooks — opening the way for students of all ages to become engaged in the past. 

“The American Battlefield Trust holds public education about our history as a cornerstone of its mission and we are always looking for new ways to bring the past alive, whether through maps, apps, curricula or videos,” said Trust President David Duncan. “Our Untold series transports viewers into a fast-paced and compelling telling of the journey that has shaped the nation we are today, appealing to and inspiring younger generations of viewers.” 

Since its inception, the Trust has released more than 130 videos for How We Became America: The Untold History, a number of these created as part of a partnership with the Driving Force Institute for Public Engagement (DFI), as well as material produced by the Trust alone. After a number of successful installments, the Trust continued to add videos to its repertoire on topics associated with the American Revolution and Civil War, with interpretation grant funding from the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP). This round of videos, supported by ABPP, were also created in partnership with DFI. 

Untold aims to bring an innovative perspective into the classroom and beyond, providing learners of all ages an opportunity to explore events in American history beyond their textbooks,” said Patrick Riccards, CEO of the DFI. “Supported by our eye-catching animations and iconic historic depictions, we hope to provide a fresh perspective on the War of 1812.” 

American Battlefield Trust

Designed for students and teachers, the programs delve into the people and events from America’s Second War of Independence. From the origin of the war and the burning of Washington to the Battle of New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent, viewers both in and outside the classroom will be immersed into the world of early 19th century United States. Other videos highlight the Battle of Fort McHenry, the USS Constitution, the War on the Lakes and more. 

The educational series is produced and distributed by world-leading producer of video and education animation, Makematic. Recognizing its excellence, the series has been a recipient of a Silver Award at the 43rd annual Telly Awards honoring products in video and television and has been awarded Gold in the Non-profit category in last year’s W3 Awards. 

“Makematic is delighted to continue its ongoing collaboration with the American Battlefield Trust across this exciting new video series,” said Mark Nagurski, CEO of Makematic. “Untold was developed to shine a light on stories that often go overlooked and make us think twice about those we think we already know. These videos on the War of 1812 do exactly that.”  

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