Illustration of the Fort Meigs Battle

Fort Meigs

Siege of Fort Meigs

Perrysburg, OH  |  Apr 28 - May 9, 1813

In late April of 1813, British forces under the command of Major General Henry Procter laid siege to the recently fortified camp at Fort Meigs. American Major General William Henry Harrison and his men held the fort in the face of two consecutive British sieges between April and July. The apex of the siege came when a force of Kentuckians led a failed attack that resulted in the death of over 600 Americans at the hands of the British, Canadian militia, and their Indian allies. American troops successfully defended the fort, however, and the British decided to abandon their siege and move on to Fort Stephenson. 

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United States: 189
United Kingdom: 120
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Fort Meigs
Perrysburg, OH  |  Apr 28 - May 9, 1813
Result: United States Victory
Est. Casualties: 1,107
United States: 986
United Kingdom: 121

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