Walk the Perryville Battlefield with Actor Steve Zahn

View the Critical Tract You Saved
Watch the video we shot with actor Steve Zahn while we were trying to save these 128 acres at Perryville Battlefield.

Steve Zahn recently joined the American Battlefield Trust to walk the Perryville Battlefield and view the 128 acres at stake. Since shooting this video, we have declared victory on these acres and did something truly rare, even in our line of work. Saving this tract put us one step closer to substantially completing the preservation of one of the most important battlefields of the entire Civil War.

The 128 acres that we have saved at Perryville – scene of the bloodiest Civil War battle ever fought in Kentucky – represented the single largest remaining unprotected part of the battlefield. By saving this hallowed ground with our partners, it means that we have protected 90-95 percent of that battlefield forever!

Learn more about this preservation victory at Perryville here.