Winter in Wartime

Bad weather and impassable roads made the Winter a difficult time for 18th and 19th century armies. Military leaders during this period — including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War — tried to avoid military operations during this trying season. Yet, even when not on active campaign, soldiers struggled against the weather and the boredom of life in winter quarters to try and bring some semblance of home and comfort to the holiday season. And, of course, there were those rare instances in which Americans had to wage war against the enemy and the elements.

Explore the battles and activities that carried soldiers through the bleak months.

Winter Encampments

Civil War winter encampments, where the soldiers lived during the winter months, is described in the following article with quotes and photos from...

Valley Forge Encampment

On December 2, 1777, General George Washington wrote to Joseph Reed about the issue of where to encamp the Continental Army for the upcoming winter of...