Learn About the Revolutionary War in Four Hours

Do you want to learn about the Revolutionary War in an afternoon?

Take four hours to learn about the Revolutionary War.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Gain a quick overview of the American Revolutionary War:
    1. Browse the Revolutionary War Timeline to help put the war’s events into context and relationships.
    2. Read American Revolution Facts to learn basic facts, dates, and information about the war while answering commonly asked questions.
    3. Watch the Revolutionary War Animated Map. This 18-minute video chronologically follows the war’s events from Lexington to Yorktown. 
  2. Read about The Intolerable Acts and watch the Boston Massacre Animated Graphic Novel to learn why the colonists took up arms against Great Britain. 
  3. Learn about the different wartime strategies that the British and the Continental Army employed during the conflict. 
  4. Meet influential people from both sides of the conflict by reading their biographies, such as George Washington and Charles Cornwallis.
  5. Understand the far reaching impact of the war with the signing of The Treaty of Paris and the Wars for Independence In4 video

Total time: 240 minutes (4 hours)

Now that you are hooked, stay on your learning path. Click here to learn more about the Revolutionary War.