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Learn About the Civil War in One Week

Do you want to become an expert about the Civil War?

Learn about the Civil War in about one week

Here is how to get started:

  1. Gain a quick overview of the Civil War:
    1. Browse the Civil War Timeline to help put the war’s events into context and relationships.
    2. Watch the Entire Civil War Animated Map. This 30-minute video gives you’re the Civil War events in chronological order.
    3. Read the book The War that Forged a Nation to get an in-depth look at the causes, consequences, and events of the war.
  2. Understand the causes of the Civil War with articles like the Trigger Events of the Civil War, the Voices of Secession, the Missouri Compromise.
  3. Meet the influential people of the Civil War by reading their biographies, such as the biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.
  4. Watch videos about important battles throughout the war, such as Antietam, Shiloh, and Gettysburg.
  5. Learn about everyday soldiers with articles like the Life of a Soldier and Shaping a Volunteer Army and read about a Confederate soldier’s daily experience with the memoir Co. Aytch: A Confederate Memoir of the Civil War.
  6. Read original documents from both Union and Confederate sides of the Civil War, such as the Emancipation Proclamation and the Cornerstone Speech, to learn about the tumultuous political sphere.
  7. Understand the semantics of Civil War warfare by learning about Army Organization, Navies, and Civil War Armies.
  8. Gain an understanding of what happened after the war through The Stalking of John Wilkes Booth video and Lincoln’s Funeral Train and Grand Review articles.
  9. Understand the implications of the war with the Civil War Casualties, Monuments In4, and Remembering the War In4 videos.
  10. Finish with exploring the technological advancements during the war, such as Photography, Railroads, and Civil War Medicine.

Total time: 2,426 minutes (41 hours)

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