Photograph of United States Colored Troops at Port Hudson, Louisiana

Photograph of United States Colored Troops at Port Hudson, Louisiana

Support Outdoor Classrooms at Seven Key Battlefields

A Fighting for Freedom Initiative

The Opportunity 

Sharing history that is inclusive of all perspectives is a critical component of our mission to preserve America’s hallowed battlegrounds and educate the public about what happened on there and why it matters. By supporting Fighting for Freedom, you are helping the American Battlefield Trust uplift the voices of the Black Americans who impacted the first 100 years of American history.  

And now, thanks to a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program, we can match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. This funding will allow us to interpret African American history at seven key battlefields, located in five states, spanning three wars!  

Together, we can make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn about and be inspired by this essential part of American history. Join us by making a secure online donation today and your gift will be DOUBLED!

Interpretation at Seven Key Battlefields

Through Fighting for Freedom, these battlefields, which are essential primary resources where we can teach and learn American history, will become outdoor classrooms.  

You’ll be able to walk where they fought, imagine their experiences, and be inspired by aspects of our history that don’t get the airtime they deserve. Here’s a taste of what your support can help us teach on these seven key battlefields. 

Battle of New Market Heights

At New Market Heights, we’ll educate visitors about the 14 members of the United States Colored Troops who were awarded the Medal of Honor.  

Battle of New Orleans 

In New Orleans, students will learn about Major D'Aquin's Battalion of Free Men of Color, which was comprised of refugees from Haiti who fought in the War of 1812.  

Battle of Eutaw Springs 

At Eutaw Springs, you’ll learn about Jim Capers who secured his freedom by serving as a drum major in the Revolutionary War. 

Battle of Baltimore 

In Baltimore, we’ll create a mobile app where users will learn about the Defenses of Baltimore and the many Black men that served both armies, enslaved shipbuilders, and free men who worked at the city’s wharfs.  

Battle of Port Hudson 

At Port Hudson, we’ll work with the Port Hudson State Historic Site to develop a mobile tour and enable visitors to imagine the battlefield as the 1st and 3rd Louisiana Native Guards launched an attack against the Confederate lines.  

Battle of Second Deep Bottom

At Second Deep Bottom, our team of historians will share the second of three attempts to secure the Deep Bottom Landing and the role that the 2nd Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry played in that effort.  

Battle of Great Bridge

At Great Bridge, we’re working with local partners to create signage that share the history of the Ethiopian Regiment, which was commissioned by Lord Dunmore, the royal governor of Virginia.

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