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Celebrate Our Victories

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Together, we have saved more than 48,000 acres of battlefield land in 24 states, including historic properties at Antietam, Bentonville, Chancellorsville, Chattanooga, Gettysburg, Manassas, Princeton, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Wilson’s Creek, the Wilderness and more. Celebrate our recent victories.

Recent Victories



Saved: 2 acres at Gettysburg's Oak Ridge

We are thrilled to announce that we have saved a critical, two-acre tract at Gettysburg’s Oak Ridge, thanks to the generous support of our members. In July 1863, this land witnessed some of the bloodiest and most intense combat during the first day of the American Civil War’s most iconic battle.

Brandy Station Victory Square

Saved: 244 acres at Brandy Station

We are pleased to announce that we have protected 244 acres at Brandy Station. This victory was made possible by generous supporters and partners in preservation, namely the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. This acreage includes 174 acres at Hansbrough’s Ridge, where 800 Confederate soldiers barred a Union cavalry division from the main battle, and 70 acres at the north end of Fleetwood Hill, heart of the Brandy Station battlefield.


Saved: 180 acres at Kettle Creek Battlefield near Washington, Georgia

Thanks to great partners — including the Watson-Brown Foundation of Thomson, Ga.; Georgia Battlefields Association; Georgia Piedmont Land Trust; Weyerhauser Co.; Wilkes County; Kettle Creek Battlefield Association; Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution; and Georgia State Society Daughters of the American Revolution — Campaign 1776 (now the Revolutionary War Trust) has preserved 180 acres at the Revolutionary War’s Kettle Creek battlefield in Georgia. The acquisition protects historic ground where the Feb. 14, 1779, battle began and many of its casualties remain. The land will be added to Kettle Creek Battlefield Park. The battle foretold of British reverses to come in the South. 

Victory Upperville Square

Saved: 20 acres at Goose Creek Bridge, Upperville

Thanks to our wonderful partners, including the Fauquier and Loudoun Garden Club, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and NOVA Parks, the Civil War Trust has preserved 20 acres at the Upperville battlefield in Virginia — protecting a key part of a small but important battle of the early Gettysburg campaign for future generations. This tract includes the historic Goose Creek Bridge, the stone span over which the men of Strong Vincent's brigade charged at the climax of the fighting on June 21, 1863. 

3 virginia battlefields square

Saved: 391 Acres at Three Virginia Battlefields

We recently called on our membership to help preserve 391 acres at three of Virginia’s most famous battlefields: Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor. Thanks to the generosity of preservationists like you, we can now celebrate victory on this significant land! This makes a grand total of more than 900 acres of hallowed ground saved by the Civil War Trust at these three storied sites.

Victory Brandywine Square

Saved: 10.4 Acres Dilworth Farm, Brandywine

Campaign 1776 (now known as the Revolutionary War Trust), a division of the American Battlefield Trust, worked to preserve a 10.4-acre portion of the Brandywine battlefield, announcing victory in September 2017. Located in the middle of two major combat zones, this property is an ideal place to help visitors understand the sprawling battle that took place here in 1777. 

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