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Zach Anderson

Honoring the Armed Forces and Protecting America’s Battlefields

We can never forget the wars fought on American soil. That’s why we at the American Battlefield Trust preserve the very grounds on which these wars were fought.

As we approach the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution and the nation’s founding, we call to veterans and those currently in service to join the cause.

Protect and preserve the battlegrounds that tell our nation’s story. Join the American Battlefield Trust.

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Veterans Past

Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

Veterans began the modern battlefield preservation movement. Almost as soon as the guns fell silent, Civil War veterans started erecting memorials to their units and fallen brothers — and revisiting the hallowed grounds to tell their stories.

To honor those who fought, the American Battlefield Trust and our members are committed to protecting battlefields, facilitating visitation to these hallowed grounds, and inspiring Americans of all ages to discover their past.  

Photo above: Civil War veterans on the Gettysburg Battlefield during the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion.

Today’s Men and Women in Uniform

Zach Anderson

The Military Connection

America’s battlefields play host to a very different kind of learning experience for a very different kind of student — one wearing military fatigues. “Staff rides” are a time-honored tradition in the U.S. military, allowing participants to examine a battlefield in extraordinary depth and glean valuable lessons in leadership and military science. The American Battlefield Trust partners with the U.S. armed forces and National Park Service to conduct staff rides for the military on historic battlegrounds.

We are committed to fully exploring the history of the military units that fought in wars on American soil. The history of units such as the U.S. Army’s 21st Infantry, or “Gimlet Regiment,” can be accessed on the Trust’s website. In addition, we are developing a searchable, interactive database of those who were recipients of the Medal of Honor for their Civil War service. And during Park Day each year, we welcome the participation of veterans and active-duty members of the military.

Photo above and header image: Cadets from the United States Military Academy participate in a staff ride at Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Md. (Photo by Zach Anderson

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Please Join Your Compatriots 

Join Lt. Gen. Richard Mills, USMC (Ret.), and other military men and women in membership. With your help, we can continue to protect America’s battlefields and learn the lessons they teach. We would be honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we preserve our history. 

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Thank you for your service, and for your commitment to preserving American history.

Photo above: Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland — just one of the battlefields where the American Battlefield Trust has saved hallowed ground. (Photo by Don Buckingham)


So many veterans like myself look over our shoulders for inspiration from past triumphs on past battlefields… In this age of tanks, helicopters, jets, rockets and drones, how can we learn from a battle fought on horseback or on foot? When you take it down to the basic principles, war hasn’t changed.

Lt. General Richard Mills, USMC (Ret.), Board Member, American Battlefield Trust