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Shaker Museum at South Union


850 Shaker Museum Road
Auburn, KY 42206
United States

The South Union Shaker community was located near a railroad depot traveled by both Union and Confederate forces and a popular location for sabotage, depending on who controlled it. Scores of Civil War encampments were established within this pacifist village. Fences were burned for firewood and buildings were damaged. It is documented that over 50,000 meals were prepared and served at South Union and there was $100,000 in losses (such as livestock, food, crops, equipment and textiles). The South Union Shaker community never recovered from this depletion of their resources. Today, visitors to the Shaker Museum at South Union can view over 40 exhibits, the largest collection of Southern Shaker furniture in the world, and catch a glimpse of the rich heritage and ingenuity of the people called "Shakers." Overnight accommodations are available at the 1869 Shaker Tavern Bed and Breakfast located at the historic site of the South Union depot.