Fort Washington

421 E 4th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States

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Construction started for Fort Washington in the summer of 1789 by General Josiah Harmar in modern-day downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, near the Ohio River. Named in honor of President George Washington, the fort was used as a staging ground for settlers, troops, and supplies during the settlement of the Northwest Territory. In addition, it served as a staging ground for three Indian campaigns, Harmar’s Campaign in 1790, St. Clair’s Campaign in 1791, and "Mad” Anthony Wayne’s Campaign in 1793-1794.

By 1803, the fort had fallen into disrepair, and troops were moved across the Ohio River to the larger Newport Barracks in Newport, Kentucky. By 1806, the land where Fort Washington stood was divided into lots and sold.

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Cincinnati, OH
Fort Washington
Cincinnati, OH