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Camp Milton Historic Preserve


1172 Halsema Road North
Jacksonville, FL 32220
United States

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In 1864, Camp Milton was considered the largest encampment of Confederate forces in Florida with over 8,000 troops. The site of several encounters between Confederate and Union armies, the camp finally fell to occupation by the Union army in the summer of 1864. It is named after Florida's Governor during the Civil War, John Milton. Today, Camp Milton has been developed as a midpoint trailhead for the Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail. It is also part of the Timucuan Trail Partnership and Preservation Project Jacksonville. The park has a state-of-the art functional interpretive/educational center, an authentic farmhouse in the process of being restored, a large historical reenactment field, and access to an existing historic railroad line. Trails and boardwalks guide visitors throughout the interior of Camp Milton, which are lined with historical trees and signage explaining their significance. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of natural flora and fauna. It is comprised of uplands and wetlands, which consist of hydric pine flatwoods, and wetland mixed forest.


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