Breymann Redoubt at Saratoga National Historical Park, Stillwater, N.Y.

Breymann Redoubt at Saratoga National Historical Park, Stillwater, N.Y.

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Saratoga Battlefield

Saratoga National Historical Park

Located in Saratoga County, New York, the Saratoga National Historical Park was the site of one of the most decisive American victories in the entire Revolutionary War. This battle ended British General John Burgoyne's attempt to control the Hudson River Valley and made General Benedict Arnold a hero celebrated across the colonies before his defection to the British brought his reputation crashing down. The battle also convinced the Court of King Louis XVI that the Americans could hold their own against the British Army, sealing the alliance between America and France.

Today, visitors can learn more about the battle at the site's Visitor Center, which offers a 20-minute orientation film, a historical timeline, and artifact displays. Throughout the park, there are several hiking trails with historical signs detailing the battle, and visitors can see the 155-foot Saratoga monument, a stone obelisk that stands where Burgoyne’s camp was entrenched during the campaign’s final days.

During the summer, visitors can see the Schuyler House, the northern plantation and country home of General Philip Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton's father-in-law, located in Schuylerville, New York. While the house was burnt by the British during their retreat, it was rebuilt after Burgoyne’s surrender in 1777.

Saratoga Battlefield: What's Nearby

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