Park Day

Park Day is All Year Round

Park Day is the American Battlefield Trust’s annual, nationwide, hands-on preservation event to help maintain America’s battlefields and historic sites.

What is Park Day?

Each year, thousands of history enthusiasts, families, Boy and Girl Scouts, ROTC units and more come together in an effort to help keep our nation’s heritage not only preserved, but pristine. 

Since 1996, community-minded citizens have taken part in Park Day events at various sites across the country. Activities are chosen by each participating site and can include building trails, raking leaves, painting signs, putting up fences and contributing to site interpretation.  In addition to the satisfaction that volunteer work brings, participants receive official Park Day water bottles and may have the chance to hear a local historian describe people and events of the past at their site. Park Day can also be used to fulfill the service requirements associated with scout groups, student organizations, training corps programs, many school systems, and more.

If you are interested in volunteering or hosting an event, visit our event page or email for more information about the next Trust’s next Park Day.

What are people saying about Park Day?

A Park Day participant paints a cannon carriage wheel at The Wilderness Battlefield.

“Just a few years ago, this place was nothing but a weed infested briar patch with fallen trees everywhere. They dwarfed the small burial plot to the extent that it was almost not visible. Today… it is a nice place to picnic, stroll in the woods, and reflect on what happened here. We wanted the men who gave their lives here to be remembered.”

– Park Day 2018 Volunteer from Buford Massacre Battlefield

“Park Day is the perfect family, group or single event for people of all ages.  Our Park Day coordinators strive to assign tasks that are suitable for the folks who sign up. Park Day is a great way to help spruce up our National Parks.  Volunteers can be proud to tell their out of town visitors that they help to keep their park looking great. We have volunteers come from far and near to participate in the Wilderness Battlefield Park Day.  When asked why folks travel for hours to participate with us, they reply, ‘We love this park and FoWB makes it a safe and fun morning.’ Park Day is an easy way for folks to say ‘I love my Park.’”

– Mark Leach, Friends of Wilderness Battlefield