Putting Preservation in the News

Pitch Your Issue to Local Media

Submitting and pitching a special to your local media is easier than you think. Inspiration can strike reporters in many ways – including good tips or pitches from concerned citizens like you.


Be brief: Remember, most journalists don't have a lot of time and are subject to very tight deadlines; therefore be succinct in your pitch.

Read and research: Begin researching local media outlets to see who has covered your issue in the past, then read all articles penned by this journalist on your issue to figure out how best to pitch your issue.

Demonstrate relevance: Make sure your issue or issues are newsworthy, and tie-in your issue into the reporter’s beat. Let them know this is something they don’t want to miss.

Know the issue: Make your story or pitch count by providing information sourced from sound, scientific research, like the Blue, Gray and Green Report.

Keep it simple: Your message and words should be simple and easy to understand. Avoid using inside preservation terminology like “Section 106.”  Reporters have plenty of other issues they’re following, and you cannot expect them to be experts on yours.

Regionalize the issue: How does it affect your community, neighbors and friends?

Provide next steps: Help the reporter by providing a clear next step so the trail doesn’t go cold. You can offer information discovered in your findings or link them to more material supporting your argument.

Now it's time to get to work!