Vicksburg in Crisis

Don't Let its Impact Erode

Ask your legislators to take immediate and decisive steps to help the National Park Service return this battlefield to its full glory.

In early 2020, torrential rainfalls caused catastrophic destruction at Vicksburg National Military Park. Erosion caused by the region’s unique geology has been an ongoing issue for the park over the decades, but this event was cataclysmic, undermining large swaths of the hilly landscape, buckling miles of the park’s roads and, worst of all, washing out portions of the Vicksburg National Cemetery, endangering the remains of our nation’s heroes.

It has been nearly three years, and one-third of the park remains closed to visitors, deemed unsafe and inaccessible. Swift action by Congress and the National Park Service is imperative to restore, rebuild and reopen this national treasure before the cumulative impact of the damage is insurmountable.

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