Winsor Fry: "Served the Country"

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Winsor Fry applied for a soldier's pension, and the following petition was included with his application—showing support from members of the community for recognition of his war service and need of a soldier's pension.


We the Subscribers, being Personally acquainted with Winsor Fry a Man of Color of East Greenwich now resident in this Town and who for many years past served the Country as a Soldier in the Revolutionary Army, under the Continental establishment, do consider him to be almost entirely destitute of Property even for the upholding of Life, and in very indigent circumstances, and fully entitled to the Benefit and Provisions of an Act of Congress of these United States lately passed for the relief of the surviving officers soldiers seamen and marines of the Revolutionary Army and Navy.

North Kingston R I, April 5th, 1818

To whom concerned:

Jon Reynolds

William Hammond

John Hall

Stukely Brown

Richard Thomas

Wm. Brown

Thomas Arnold



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