Lord Cornwallis's 1781 Proclamation

This is a sketch of three soldiers operating a cannon.

Cornwallis proclaims that the South was under siege by the rebellion and the British would restore order. 

Whereas it has pleased the Divine Providence to prosper the operations of His Majesty's Arms, in drawing the Rebel Army out of this Province [North Carolina] and Whereas it is His Majesty's most gracious Wish to rescue the faithful & loyal subjects from the cruel Tyranny under which they have groaned of several years. I have thought proper to issue this Proclamation to invite all such loyal & faithful subjects to repair without loss of time with their arms & ten days Provisions to the Royal headquarters now erected at Hillsborough, where they will meet with the most friendly reception, and I do hereby assure them that I am ready to concur with them in effectual measures for suppressing the remains of Rebellion in this Province & for the establishment of good order & constitutional government.